Duo Plus

Kaba Ilco Corp. Rocky Mount, NC,

Ilco is pleased to introduce the Duo Plus, a multi-function, manually operated machine that duplicates edge cut keys, flat keys (safe deposit/postal box), bit and double bit keys, Abus® and Abloy® style keys.

This has been a popular key cutting machine in Mexico and Central America and has also been available by “special order” for the US and Canada. With an increased interest within the North American market, Ilco has added this model to the “stocking” line of key cutting machines.

The Duo Plus has a double carriage to provides two machines in one platform. The carriage on the left side of the machine provides four-sided clamps that allow duplication of virtually all standard edge cut keys on the market (i.e. cylinders, vehicles, cruciform).

The carriage on the right side of the machine provides specially designed clamps for bit and double bit keys and has a special blocking system for Abus® and Abloy® style keys.The special tilting ensures excellent flares on bit and double bit keys. This side can also be used to duplicate flat keys (safe deposit/postal box) that require a plunge cut.

To learn more visit the Duo Plus product page.