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ADUSA Products  




 The MVP PRO (Multi Vehicle Programmer)


Innovative PAY AS YOU GO car key programming tool specifically designed for automotive locksmiths that provide key & remote programming services to drivers on the go.

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  The TCode PRO

The powerful TCode Pro key programming tool programs keys and remotes for multiple makes of vehicles. Vast software options enable locksmiths to grow their customer base.

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  ADC116 OBD Diagnostic Port Tester

The ADC116 is the quickest way to check that the car's OBD2 port has 12 volts and good ground connections. It also checks the PIN 7 line on VW/AUDI vehicles. A time saver and helps prevent expensive damage to diagnostic equipment.




  ADC190 Kia / Hyundai Pin Code Dongle


This new dongle converts 2007-2011 Hyundai & Kia Pin Codes by VIN.

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TCode Pro Software






Category A+

(ADS-223) GM 2014

(ADS-234) Jeep Chrysler Fiat 2016 (New Release August 2016!)


Category A

(ADS-227) Toyota 2015

(ADS-225) Mazda 2014

(ADS-219) Volkswagen 2013-14

(ADS-209) Ford USA 2013

(ADS-207) Jaguar & Land Rover 2013

(ADS-197) Nissan & Infiniti

(ADS-195) Dodge Prox / Fobik

(ADS-193) Honda & Acura Proximity

(ADS-187) GM Proximity

(ADS-179) Smart Car Programming

(ADS-178) Chrysler Proximity 2011

(ADS-174) Toyota / Lexus 2010

(ADS-164) Land Rover

(ADS-159) Nissan CAN & Prox

(ADS-157) Chrysler Pin Read

(ADS-156) Chrysler Fobik / CAN 2-5

(ADS-154) Mitsubishi CAN & PROX

(ADS-151) Jaguar USA

(ADS-146) Audi & Volkswagen CAN

(ADS-139) GM CAN

(ADS-138) GM USA Basic

(ADS-133) Mazda CAN

(ADS-125) Lexus & Toyota Basic                          

(ADS-115) Audi & VW Basic

(ADS-113) Chrysler Basic, Remotes

(ADS-112) Nissan USA Basic

(ADS-110) Acura & Honda Basic

(ADS-100) Ford Basic USA


Category B

(ADS-199) Toyota 2013

(ADS-196) Hyundai and Kia 2012                         

(ADS-175) Ford 2011

(ADS-173) Chrysler 2010

(ADS-172) Ford USA 2010

(ADS-166) Honda Accord 2008-09

(ADS-150) Toyota 2007

(ADS-144) Saab USA

(ADS-127) Subaru USA

(ADS-118) Hyundai & Kia USA

(ADS-117) Mitsubishi USA


Category C

(ADS-228) Subaru 2015

(ADS-190) Ford / Mazda Parameter Reset

(ADS-181) Fiat

(ADS-147) Kia CAN

(ADS-137) Sprinter USA

(ADS-135) Isuzu USA


Free Software

(ADS-198SD) Nissan 20 Digit Pin Code Bypass

Requires ADC-198 and Smart Dongle For Use







New! The ADC-243 Cable




New!  2015 Auto and Bike Pros


The New Transponder Book by Josh Heath.

Covering USA and Canada models.






 ADC251 Programming Cable for TCode / MVP Pro


 An updated version of the ADC-250 main programming cable with built in LED light.




 AD30 Transponder Coil Detector 


The AD30 Transponder Coil Detector from Advanced Diagnostics has been developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types immobiliser systems using transponder technology.

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 ADC194 Mitsubishi Remote Programming Adapter

Plug this adapter into the vehicles OBD port and follow your Mitsubishi on-board remote programming instructions. This device will jump the correct pins needed to program.




ADC193 Kia / Hyundai Remote Programming Cable


Required with programming RKE into Hyundai and Kia with your PRO CAN Software.



MVP PRO Programming Token Packages


1 Year Unlimited Tokens

1 Month Unlimited Tokens

 250 Tokens

 50 Tokens

 25 Tokens

                                                          10 Tokens