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Repair Procedure - Effective July 1, 2016



Please complete the Advanced Diagnostics Product Repair Form (link below)

 This form must be included in the shipping box along with the RMA and your repair item.



     1. Completely fill out repair form on Page 2 and email to or fax to

 800-404-4526, Attn: Nina.


    2. An RMA# will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.


    3. RMA# MUST be marked on box. Ship product to:

                 Ilco Corp.

                400 Jeffreys Road

                Rocky Mount, NC 27804

                Attn: AD Repairs

                DO NOT SHIP USPS


    4. Once your item is received, an Ilco/AD technician will assess the damage and determine cost to repair.


    5. A Customer Service Rep will contact you to review charges/quote and repair/replacement times that may be associated and qualifications for a loaner*.


    6. Once repair is completed you will receive an email notification with delivery information. Repairs are shipped ground at no charge. Overnight delivery is available for an additional $75.00 charge.


    7. Once you receive your repaired unit back, please return your loaner to Kaba Ilco Corp. (address above) with the RMA. If loaner machine is not returned within 2 weeks of you receiving your repaired unit you will be automatically assessed a charge of $3000.00.


Advanced Diagnostics Products carry a 1 year limited warranty from purchase date.


Physical damage is not covered.


Items such as dongles, cables, and detectors will only be replaced if a dated distributor proof of purchase is included and shows the item to be within the warranty period.


*  Loaner units for T-Code Pro and MVP Pro are available if manufacturer repair is required. Loaner units are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. Loaners for MVP will continue to use tokens from your bank. There will be a per token charge to use more. An RMA form is included with the loaner and must be returned with machine.  Examples of typical "out of warranty" repair charges are $650 for repair of an MVP or T-Code Pro unit with use of a loaner, $550 unit repair without a loaner, $300 standard touchscreen replacement and $250 for a new case.


Pricing is subject to change without notice and is shown in U.S. Dollars.   

Repair Form



MVP Token Replacement


If you feel that you have lost MVP tokens due to a software error and would like to request replacements, please fill out the form below and click Submit. Requests will be evaluated as soon as possible, usually within 5-7 business days (sometimes longer depending on work load) and you will be notified via email by our support staff.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND WE CANNOT / DO NOT / REFUND TOKENS USED DUE TO MISTAKES AND OR USER ERROR. Tokens used / lost while using the wrong keys, bad keys, or failing to follow the procedures outlined in our online User Manual and Key Look Up Guide are not refundable.  

We use these requests in part to identify & resolve issues and make improvements when possible so please understand that We cannot refund tokens unless all of the requested details including the Make, Model, Year & complete and accurate VIN of the car you worked on are listed.   

1 vehicle per request please. If you have more than one request please do not mix several vehicles into one form. 

Only customers who have registered their equipment using the AD loader or on Advanced-Diagnostics.Com  are eligible for use of this form. 

The information you provide to us here is invaluable and will help to maintain the highest levels of software functionality.

Thank you,


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